" Building The Country One Step At A Time "
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Who We Are

Zambezi Bulk Holdings (Private) Limited is a Zimbabwean registered holding company with various business interests that offer a diverse range of services and products to all regions in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to consistently keep up with the ever changing needs of the people of Zimbabwe by coming up with novel, innovative and cost effective solutions to their regular business and personal needs.

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What We Stand For

Our Mission

Profitably translating earth, water, sun and wind (nature) into means of production to combat food insecurity and poverty in Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

We aim to visibly inspire and spearhead the national dream by adding value to our natural resources through Technological innovation and sharing of knowledge to bring about changes in economic and personal growth whilst uplifting the standard of living for all Zimbabweans

Our Core Values

  • People
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • People

    People are the essence of our business and the passion of this company is driven by the spirit of togetherness, synergy and unity of purpose, which defines our attitude towards our clients, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.


    We understand that a business cannot succeed without strong ethics and trustworthiness. Integrity therefore forms a key part of our core values.


    We are committed to consistently providing the best service and high quality products available and leave a lasting impression to all lives that interact with our business


    Progress, through consistently pushing the boundaries to come up with novel and relevant ideas.

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