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About Z.B.D

Zambezi Bulk Drilling is a player in the water industry and has services centered on exploring for and delivering bulk water to its clients.

ZBD is involved in Water exploration, Borehole drilling and the fitting of the necessary fashionable pumping hardware. It is also a company that takes advantage of the water insecurity in Zimbabwe’s vast agricultural sector as well as in the growing urban and rural population centers scattered across the country.

Currently it is one of the few major operatives in the Midlands province where the ZBD offices are located and also has a satellite office in Masvingo which covers ZBD interests in that province. National expansion is underway with reach expected to cover Mashonaland and Matebeleland as well.





Product Catalog


Low Yield

  • 0.5 HP PUMP-<1000 L / HR
  • 0.75 HP PUMP-> 1000 L/HR
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    High Yield

  • 1 HP PUMP- 3000 L /HR
  • 2 HP PUMP- 4000L/HR
  • 5 HP PUMP – 10000 L/HR
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    PVC Casings

  • One compartment pressure tank
  • Bladder pressure tank
  • Diaphragm pressure tank
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    Pressure Tanks

  • One compartment pressure tank
  • Bladder pressure tank
  • Diaphragm pressure tank
  • Tank Sizes

  • 20 Gallon
  • 40 Gallon
  • 80 Gallon
  • 10 Gallon
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    Water Tanks

  • Price is charged per liter of storage
  • Type of stand (concrete or steel)
  • Different brands on offer with different specifications
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    Solar Kit Packages

  • Output and brand based price specifications
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    Micro Irrigation Systems

  • Brand, specs, output, coverage based modelling
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    Custom Water Solutions

  • site visit by engineer required
  • recommendations are made and quoted
  • maintenance plan to be established
  • customer can buy service plan
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  • Dry hole drilling
  • Wet hole drilling
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